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Heroes Of The Dorm

3 things I learned when starting Heroes of the Storm

The broadcast of the Heroes of the Dorm finals on ESPN inspired a lot of people (myself included) to scramble for beta keys and jump into the Nexus. My previous experience with League of Legends made me hesitant to throw myself into Heroes of the Storm head-first; on the surface the two games do seem very similar, to say the least. However, after trying out a few different heroes and cycling through some of the maps it's clear that whatever misgivings I had with LoL thankfully did not carry over.

The Queue: Bonus objectives, Heroes of the Dorm, and the next WoW expansion

Usually, I try to write The Queue not too long before it’s meant to be published — that way, everyone’s questions have a reasonable chance of making it in if I’m able to answer it. However, today’s a busy day for me, so today’s edition of The Queue was written late afternoon on Sunday — which means I’m speaking to you from Sunday, referring to Monday as today despite it not being today for me at all. Time travel!

What this means, though, is most of today’s questions came from Twitter. If you asked a question in the comments yesterday, ask again today!

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