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Yes, you can fight gaming toxicity by being nice to other players In a Developer Update last week, Jeff Kaplan called for the Overwatch player base to be nice to each other. I’m oversimplifying — the update discussed reporting features and their rollout on consoles among other things — but the message was clear enough. Overwatch can’t iterate on new content as fast as they would like because...

Latest Overwatch Developer update addresses reporting and player toxicity Jeff from the Overwatch team is back with another developer update — this time, addressing the topic of toxicity in gameplay. The PC reporting feature was recently added to consoles as well,  and there are still improvements coming for reporting.

New Deathmatch Arcade Mode and custom map coming to Overwatch The latest Overwatch Developer Update just announced a new Deathmatch game mode will be coming soon to Overwatch’s Arcade. Deathmatch is one of the most basic modes going back to old shooter games, where you just try to kill as many people as possible.

Overwatch Summer Games return with more Lucioball, more skins In the heat of summer, the Overwatch team is encouraging you to stay inside and play some Lucioball: the 2017 Summer Games kick off next week on August 8. Though Jeff Kaplan said he didn’t want to “spoil it all,” he did say there will be a selection of brand new skins including Junkrat, Mercy, Widowmaker,...

Jeff Kaplan on Overwatch balancing and player perception In a recent post on the Overwatch forums about Tracer and balance issues, Game Director Jeff “Jeff from the Overwatch team” Kaplan had some interesting insights to share about game balance and, more importantly, player perception of it. He made the point that often, it’s not that a character is more or less strong that...

Jeff Kaplan discusses ‘responsibility shift’ technique in dinoflask’s latest parody video Join Jeff Kaplan in celebrating his 15-year anniversary at Blizzard Entertainment with this guffaw-worthy video.

Yes, Virginia, Jeff Kaplan does play Overwatch Does anyone from Blizzard play Overwatch? Do people on the dev team play?

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Jeff Kaplan on plans for Mystery Heroes Jeff from the Overwatch Team (also known as Game Director Jeff Kaplan) has heard your concerns over Mystery Heroes and boldly answered.