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The Queue: Argentinosaurus, Patagotitan and other giant sauropods

Both Patagotitan and Argentinosaurus are contenders for ‘biggest thing ever to walk on land’ with Patagotitan estimated at 40 meters long vs. Argentinosaurus’ 35 meter estimate, but Patagotitan is estimated at around 85 tons vs. Argentinosaurus’ 98 tons. Patagotitan is known from fairly complete remains (roughly 150 bones all told) while Argentinosaurus is more fragmentary. Based on the completeness of the skeleton and the estimated length, I’d say for right now Patagotitan is the reigning champion of big dinosaurs, but they’re close relatives and both were massive animals, members of the South American Titanosaurs.

Speaking of Titanosaurs, say hello to Shingopana. A recently discovered African Titanosaur and a relative of the South American branch of the family. Shingopana’s existence is a testimonial to the plate tectonics that tore Africa and South America apart around 96 million years ago.

Anyway, this is the Queue. I haven’t talked about dinosaurs in a while, so I wanted to.

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